Robot Butlers are on the Way

For women who hate to do household chores, Herb is the answer to your prayers. Herb is the abbreviation for Home Exploring Robot Butler. The robot is designed by Intel and if you have relatively deep pockets and need some help around the house, Herb just might be the answer for you. He never complains, he never gets the flu, he never has to stay home to take care of the kids and he does not have a mother-in-law!

Herb is capable of doing some simple tasks around the house. He can clear the table, serve meals and empty the dishwasher. Best of all, he never complains! If you want a drink from the refrigerator, just ask Herb and he will fetch it and deliver it to you. Herb never sleeps, so he can clean your house quietly while you sleep and when you wake in the morning, the kitchen is spick and span!

If Herb is a bit too expensive, perhaps you might go for a less expensive helper in the house. RPS Technology has developed the Neato XV-11, which is a robotic vacuum cleaning system that uses laser vision to map out your room and avoids objects as it works cleaning the floors of your home. This small robot boasts a powerful cleaning system, scuff-free navigation, low-profile access, smart design and large dirt bin, self-docking for re-powering and a built in cleaning schedule.

There are numerous alternatives to robots and self-cleaning vacuums on the market. By perusing the internet you can visualize many new gadgets available for your home or office cleaning and daily upkeep chores. Many technology gurus predict that these robots and gadgets will play an ever increasing role in our future daily lives. So sit back and relax, and let Herb do all the work!

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