Wake-Up Mania

The buzz of the alarm clock is just the first thing in the morning American’s use to start their day. Technology has changed daily life is our ever-ending clamor for information and communication. Starting a day is now a combination of information gathering through various sources. With the plethora of applications now available on smart [...]

Robot Butlers are on the Way

For women who hate to do household chores, Herb is the answer to your prayers. Herb is the abbreviation for Home Exploring Robot Butler. The robot is designed by Intel and if you have relatively deep pockets and need some help around the house, Herb just might be the answer for you. He never complains, [...]

Welcome to my Technology and Gadgets Blog

Welcome to the Computer Locals Technology and Gadgets blog! My name is Glenda Rice and it is my pleasure to welcome you to my new blog. The goal of my blog is to write about all of the interesting technology and gadget news and information that I find on the internet. Since I am not [...]